Gtech Multi Help and Support

With the Multi you have the full performance of a vacuum cleaner with the same attachments directly in your hand. The Multi is particularly suitable for short cleaning operations in places that are difficult to reach. Especially on stairs, upholstered furniture, curtains or inside your vehicle.



Are there additional accessories for cleaning cars?

Our Car Cleaning Kit contains three versatile parts that provide additional precision in cleaning and are especially suitable for difficult to reach areas. The kit also includes a gentle dust brush for sensitive surfaces and a narrow, flexible attachment for cleaning upholstery, especially its cracks.

How big is the container?

0.4 litres

How long is the warranty period?

Please refer to our AGB for warranty conditions.


How do I notice if the battery is decreasing?

The Multi has a display that informs you about the current status of the battery. So you always know how long you can still clean.

How do I charge the device?

The input for the charger is on the back of the battery (it is a round hole). The battery can also be removed for charging. The display shows the charging status.


The device no longer vacuums properly

This can have various causes:

  • Make sure the tank is empty and the filters are clean.
  • If you have cleaned the filter and then put it back in wet, there will also be a loss of suction power. Leave the filter to dry for 24 hours before reusing it.
  • Loss of suction power also occurs if the container is not properly closed and inserted after emptying.
  • If you have checked all the above points, the appliance may be clogged. The clogging may be in the appliance itself or in an accessory.
The container is damaged, can I replace it?

Yes. The container of a Multi K9 will also fit.