Team ecofort

The vision of ecofort is that people can maintain or improve their standard of living without using more energy. Ecofort ag is your partner in Switzerland for reliable and efficient products for a better and easier life. Learn more about our mission and our values ​​in the ecofort mission statement .

Ecofort is committed to provide customers with products of the best possible quality. We have defined our own internal quality requirements and only sell products that meet all these requirements.

Our team will help you select the most effective and energy-efficient product to meet your needs, so you not only save on your purchase, but also have the lowest energy costs possible for a long time.

ecofort Gtech Team
ecofort team Thierry Graf ecofort team Thierry Graf

Thierry Graf
Managing Director

ecofort team Andrea Hinni ecofort team cindy erdem

Andreas Hinni
Member of the Executive Board: CFO

ecofort team Sami Nsibi ecofort team Sami Nsibi

Sami Nsibi
Junior Business Informatics Specialist

ecofort team Sacha Cura ecofort team Sacha Cura

Sacha Cura

ecofort team robert aeschbacher ecofort team robert aeschbacher

Robert Aeschbacher
Member of the Board

ecofort team Etienne Kuhn ecofort team Etienne Kuhn

Etienne Kuhn
Business Development Manager

ecofort team Aurora Murtaj ecofort team Aurora Murtaj

Aurora Murtaj
Commercial Apprentice

ecofort team Jasmin Guldimann ecofort team Jasmin Guldimann

Jasmin Guldimann

ecofort team Ken Burkhardt ecofort team Ken Burkhardt

Ken Burkhardt
Consulting & Customer Service

ecofort team mark tugendlieb ecofort team mark tugendlieb

Mark Tugendlieb
Member of the Board

ecofort team Dominik Seliner ecofort team Dominik Seliner

Dominik Seliner
Software Engineer

Patrick Hänni Patrick Hänni

Patrick Hänni
Consulting & Customer Service

Cegen Woldeiesus Cegen Woldeiesus

Cegen Woldeiesus
Content Marketing

ecofort team Nicole Hilfiker ecofort team Nicole Hilfiker

Nicole Hilfiker
Consulting & Customer Service

Carina Bucher Carina Bucher

Carina Bucher
Commercial apprentice

Andrea Dettling Andrea Dettling

Andrea Dettling
Head of Administration

ecofort team Rima Bhattarai ecofort team Rima Bhattarai

Rima Bhattarai

ecofort team Mei Ling Wong ecofort team Conseil

Jean-Daniel Pessina
Head of Consulting & Customer Service

ecofort team Fabian Gerber ecofort team Fabian Gerber

Fabian Gerber
Product & Brand Marketing

ecofort team Mei Ling Wong ecofort team Mei Ling Wong

Mei Ling Wong
Software Engineer

ecofort team Fabian Nussbaumer ecofort team Fabian Nussbaumer

Fabian Nussbaumer

Harry Leiser Harry Leiser

Harry Leiser
Head of Technics